Hamid N. Zadeh is an Iranian born paper architect

specializing in three-dimensional reconstruction

of ancient and historical buildings from around

the globe on paper with a special interest in

Ancient Persia, Colonial to present U.S.

along with Islamic art and architecture.


His projects initiate with spending numerous

hours in serious research, often several visits to

the actual locations to survey, and completion

of his work at his studio in Los Angeles in order to

create a more accurate design for better visualization,

understanding and enjoyment of history and

architecture for the public.


Since 1983 he resides in the United States, and with the

use of Origamic architecture (paper-folded architecture),

has portrayed many famous historic monuments of the West,

several recreations from the ancient world and landmarks of

the Eastern world, as well as with adaptation and introduction of

calligraphy and geometric designs on paper and wood which

have been utilized in Islamic art and architecture on historic

monuments for art lovers. He has published seven

pop-up architectural and commemorative

books with another collection soon to arrive.


mail to: hamid@geomancycards.com


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