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  Bam Citadel (3-D Origamic Architecture)


  Historic California Missions, Vol. 1 & 2 (3-D Origamic Architecture)


  Ancient Persian Empire (3-D Origamic Architecture)


  Silent Witnesses, Vol. 1& 2 (3-D Paper-Relief of Ancient Persia)


  Silent Witnesses, Vol. 3 (Anaglyph 3-D Photography of Ancient Persia)


Paper Relief Cards


Embossed Ancient Persian Art Greeting Cards:


  Ahura Mazda


  Four-winged genie at Pasargadae


  Cyrus cylinder


  Twelve-petaled rosette at Persepolis


  Attendants at palace of king Darius


  Lion protome at Apadana palace


  Lotus blossom in hand


  Royal hero in combat with a bull


  Bisotun rock-relief


  Shallufa (Chalouf) stele at Suez canal


  Griffin protome at Persepolis


  Royal hero in combat with a lion monster


  Human-headed guardian bull


  Bull protome at Persepolis


  Median dignitary before the Persian king


  The Persian king and crown prince


  Engraved Foundation gold plaque of king Darius


  Royal hero in combat with a griffin monster


  Stacked palmettes at King Xerxes palace


  Persepolis, Apadana palace column base


  Golden Rhyton


  Head statuette of a young Persian prince


  Persepolis, Battle of a lion and bull


  Man-headed protome at Tripylon


  Lion head applique


  Ethiopian tribute leading an okapi at Apadana


  Cypress tree at Apadana


  Syrian tribute at Persepolis


  Lapis lazuli tile, Persepolis


  Servant carrying a young ibex at palace of Darius


  Passant winged bull


  Indian tribute Bearer


  Persian King followed by attendants


  Median royal grooms


  Winged sphinx


  Royal short sword


  Royal immortals at Apadana palace


  Persian guard at Persepolis


  Royal chariot


  Passant griffin


  High ranking officials holding hand


  Cilician tribute bearers


  Rampant regardant lion plaque


  Golden lion roundel


  Friendship holding hand


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Historical Pop-Up Origamic Architecture Card Collections:


United States of America Greeting Cards:

218 | 219 | 227   



United States of America Pop-up Cards:


  Arlington House (Memorial)  


  Fort Ticonderoga, Southern Barracks


  Fort Ticonderoga, Carillon


  President Jefferson Memorial


  San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge


  President Lincoln Memorial


  White House, Northern Front


  White House, Southern Front


  Los Angeles City Hall


  Van Nuys City Hall




California Missions Greeting Cards:

201 | 202 | 203

204 | 205 | 206    



California Missions Pop-Up Cards:


  Mission San Diego De Alcala


  Mission San Carlos Carmel


  Mission San Antonio


  Mission San Gabriel


  Mission San Luis Obispo


  Mission San Francisco


  Mission San Juan Capistrano


  Mission Santa Clara


  Mission San Jose


  Mission San Buenaventura


  Mission Santa Barbara


  Mission La Purisima


  Mission Santa Cruz


  Mission Senora Soledad


  Mission San Juan Bautista


  Mission San Miguel


  Mission San Fernando


  Mission San Luis Rey


  Mission Santa Ines


  Mission San Rafael


  Mission Solano       


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Ancient Persia Greeting Cards:

211 | 212 | 213




Ancient Persia Pop-up Cards:


  Pasargadae, Audience Hall of King Cyrus


  Pasargadae, Tomb of Cyrus the Great


  Persepolis, Gate of All Nations


  Persepolis, Apadana Audience Hall


  Persepolis, Palace of King Darius


  Persepolis, Council Hall (Tripylon)


  Persepolis, 100 Column Audience Hall (Interior)


  Persepolis, 100 Column Audience Hall (Front)


  Persepolis, Treasury


  Naqsh-e Rostam, Tomb of king Darius


  Naqsh-e Rostam, Cube of Zoroaster


  Fars, Sarvestan Palace


  Fars, Palace of Ardeshir


  Bukhara, Samanid Mausoleum

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17th Century Persia, Isfahan Greeting Cards:

207 | 208 | 209

210 | 225 



Iran, Isfahan Pop-up Cards:


  Isfahan, Ali Qapu Palace


  Isfahan, Bagh-e Zereshk Mansion


  Isfahan, Allahverdi Khan Bridge (Si-o-se-Pol)


  Isfahan, Chehel Sotoun Palace


  Isfahan, Grand Bazaar Gallery


  Isfahan, Hasht Behesht palace


  Isfahan, Khaju Bridge


  Isfahan, Ayineh-Khaneh (Mirror Palace)


  Isfahan, Namakdan Palace


  Isfahan, Naqareh-Khaneh


  Isfahan, Shah Mosque- Outer Portal


  Isfahan, Shah Mosque- Eastern Front


  Isfahan, Shah Mosque- Southern Front


  Isfahan, Shah Mosque- Western Front


  Isfahan, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


  Isfahan, Vank Cathedral


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Iran Greeting Cards:

215 | 222 | 223




Iran Pop-up Cards:


  Bam Citadel, Main Gate- Exterior view


  Bam Citadel, Main Gate- Inner view


  Bam Citadel, second Gate- Inner view


  Bam Citadel, Bazaar-e Arg


  Bam Citadel, Maidan-e Bazaar


  Bam Citadel, Tekyeh-e Bazaar


  Bam Citadel, Jewish Sabat- Northern view


  Bam Citadel, Jewish Sabat- Exterior view


  Bam Citadel, Military Barracks


  Bam Citadel, Military Stable


  Bam Citadel, Governor’s residence & Observation tower


  Bam Citadel, four season residence


  Shiraz, City Gate (Qur’an Gate)


  Shiraz, Tomb of Sa’di


  Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex


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India Greeting Cards:




India Pop-up Cards:


  Agra, Taj Mahal


  Agra, Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah


  Red Fort, Divan-I-Amm- Audience Galley


  Red Fort, Khas Mahal


Ancient Greece:


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Mesopotamia Greeting Cards:




Mesopotamia Pop-up Cards:


  Ishtar Gate


  Palace of Ctesiphon


  Ziggurat of Choga Zanbil


  Ziggurat of Ur


Venice, Italy Greeting Cards:





Venice Pop-up Cards:


  Venice, Doge’s Palace


  Venice, Fundaco dei Turchi


  Venice, Rialto Bridge


Genuine Wood Cut Art Card Collections:


Wood Swatches


301 | 302 | 303

304 | 305 | 306

307 | 308 | 309

310 | 311 | 312

313 | 314 | 315

316 | 317 | 318

319 | 320 | 321   




Paper Cut Art Card Collections:


101 | 102 | 103

104 | 105 | 106

107 | 108 | 109

110 | 111 | 112   


113 | 114 | 115

116 | 117 | 118

119 | 120 | 121

122 | 123 | 124

125 | 126 | 127

128 | 129 | 130

131 | 132 | 133

134 | 135                





Holiday Card Collections:

401 | 402             


Calligraphy Card Collections:

125 | 132 | 133



Floral pattern Card Collections:



Achaemenian Textile Design Greeting Cards:

T404 | T408 | T419

T436 | T443        



Achaemenian Textile Art Cards:

  Susian fabric - Rosette motif


  Susian fabric - tower motif


  The Queen in front of censer


  Passant Lions


  Pazyryk Rug


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